Why You Should Plant Your Roses Now

It’s been a lovely long dreamy summer, but now’s the time to snap out of it. We need to move fast to make the most of the great gardening days that remain between now and winter. Whether you’re an intuitive or scientific gardener, you probably know that now is a great time to get the jump on things growth wise. It’s like this. You could pop a Flower Carpet rose into the garden now, in autumn, or you could wait till spring. If you plant it now, the soft weather we’ll probably enjoy before winter sets in will gently encourage your rose bush to settle in, establish some fresh roots which in turn will support some nice new growth. By the time spring comes around, your autumn-planted rose will have, both a larger root system and bigger upper story on which to build further. By mid spring this autumn-planted rose will not only look like it’s been in the garden for a while, but it will be in a strong position to cover itself with more lovely roses than a rose just-planted in spring. So why wait till spring? Exactly. There’s no reason. Plant your rose now.


disease resistant landscape roses

Flower Carpet roses come in many colours and they’ll enjoy the jump up from an autumn planting ahead of spring. Amber with a pollinator bee, Pink Supreme and the lovely Flower Carpet Yellow.





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  1. Julie October 31, 2018 at 7:01 pm #

    Thank you for tip!
    When will be the best time.to prune my roses?

  2. Your Easy Garden Team November 18, 2018 at 4:03 pm #

    You’ll see that we have several posts here on Pruning rose and pruning Flower Carpet roses. The best time to prune them is in the late winter/early spring. If you live in a cold climate (USDA Zones 6 and colder) it’s best to wait until they’re dormant. In warmer climates it’s fine to do it in January or February. Here are links to our posts, for more information.

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