When to Plant Fall Bulbs

Planting fall bulbs

Fall is the time to plant spring and summer flowering bulbs, but how do you know exactly when to do that?   It’s easy if you follow these tips from our friends at ColorBlends® who tell us that you know it’s fall planting time when . . .

Fall nighttime temps stay between 40° and 50°F.

You wake up in the middle of the night and look for a blanket.

In the north you start closing your windows.

In the south you start backing off the air conditioning.

You start bringing blankets to the football game

when to plant fall bulbsSoil temperatures in your area are approaching 55°F

You start to smell woodsmoke.

There is front on your windshield in the morning.

The grapes are ripening on the vine.

The hummingbirds are gone.

The hosts start to lie down.

Your OLD WORK SHOES aren’t keeping your feet warm anymore.

You see trucks on the road loaded with firewood.

Birds start grouping.

While driving you see leaves bouncing along the interstate.

The fall foliage has moved just past peak.

You don’t hear crickets anymore.when to plant fall bulbs

You say “Man it’s COLD out” for the first time.





when to plant spring flowering bulbs

Dutchboy Tulip blend from Colorblends


Thanks to the folks at ColorBlends for sharing this helpful information!   Click here to learn more about them or to order a catalog.


When to plant spring flowering bulbs


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