Want to Lose Weight? Then Get Gardening!

gardening girls

Gardening’s a great way to loose weight. True purposeful exercise!

With a weight loss industry that is worth 60 billion dollars (Jenny Craig alone is valued at 1.75 billion dollars as a company), here is a story that should resonate with all of us gardeners.

The article below was taken from a UK newspaper during my recent travels there and my immediate thoughts were that they are not telling us anything that anyone who enjoys yard work or being in the garden doesn’t know.  However, it was nice to see a measured outcome that defined exactly what benefits gardening offers us, aside from the beauty of being in the garden.

Gardening to loose weight

Feeling a tad flabby? Get off the sofa and into the garden!

You have to think that if diets really worked there wouldn’t be a diet industry.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a message promoted by the weight-loss industry that perpetuates the belief that weight loss is the path to redemption, love and happiness.

Use this message as a call-to-action for anyone seeking improved health, weight loss and personal satisfaction: gardening could be the solution that delivers all of these results!

Child deadheading flowers

Even simple activities such as “deadheading” Volcano phlox flower heads adds a bit of enjoyable exercise to your day.

I know there will be a certain amount of scepticism about the validity of this story but, given the measures of the diet industry and the results achieved through continual diet programs that constantly change recommendations on what we should and shouldn’t eat, isn’t this the easiest step you have seen to improving your overall health and well-being without the need for expensive or membership-based plans promoted by the diet industry?

Anyway, I thought this article would be a good reminder of the benefits (apart from the improved surroundings) that are achieved by being out in the garden .  Whether I lose the full 16 pounds or not, I do know that I am now adding another benefit (beyond stress relief, project satisfaction and just enjoying outside surroundings) that I didn’t know before to the many reasons why gardening is a hobby that everyone should be involved with (and my 11 year old daughter’s even come to enjoy it – some days!)


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