Volcano® phlox – why do gardeners love it so much?

Volcano phlox: The best garden phlox on the market

There are lots of great plants you hear people talk about in this industry, but I have little doubt that Volcano phlox is the best garden phlox you can find anywhere.

You can take my word for it, but – of course – one might understand why you might not believe the hype coming from me. After all, we grow thousands of Volcano phlox plants at Prides Corner Farms, and it is in my best interest to say they are fantastic. So maybe you should really listen to our customers who swear they won’t carry another garden phlox except for Volcano.

What exactly makes our customers so loyal to Volcano? Maybe it’s the tight, dense, pot-filling form that’s perfect for selling in the garden center and growing in the garden.  All six Volcano colors (pink with white eye, pink with red eye, purple, white, red and ruby) top out in the 24- to 30-inch range, making them far less trouble in the garden center and in the landscape.

Also figuring into that loyalty to Volcano is the ability to bloom seemingly forever with such a massive quantity of flowers. Of course, there’s also the added feature of reblooming in late summer and fall when cut back after initial bloom.  Or, maybe it’s the famous Volcano phlox tolerance of powdery mildew (the scourge of all garden phlox) that makes this plant look so good even in hot, humid weather.

Looking for another reason to love Volcano? How ‘bout its versatility in the landscape. They’re the perfect summer blooming perennial for sunny areas, in the ground or in containers where they have an explosive effect on a deck or patio.

Volcano Purple phlox

Volcano® phlox is perfect in any cottage garden and blooms all summer long

Whatever that reason is that makes our customers embrace Volcano phlox so tightly, it’s clear here at Prides Corner that they are an absolute must for us to have during the summer to start weekly orders for our customers. Their uniqueness, blooming firepower, color selection and overall great looks have built such great expectations with our customers that they actually are disappointed in us when we run out. Volcano phlox really are our best selling summer blooming perennial, and our customers keep coming back for more!


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