Tropicanna® cannas are king at Graceland!

Having made a recent pilgrimage (well, pilgrimage for me), I thought I would share the experience – especially since to my surprise, I found a previously unknown association between one of our star plants and the brightest star of all.

See if you can guess where I was – though it shouldn’t be too hard …

Put on my blue suede shoes

And I boarded the plane

Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues

In the middle of the pouring rain

W.C. Handy, won’t you look down over me

Yeah I got a first class ticket

But I’m as blue as a boy can be …

Yes, you guessed it – Graceland (lyrics are from “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn).

It’s not often I get to do the tourist thing, but during my recent travels I found a spare Saturday ahead of a meeting in Tennessee and thought, “What better item to cross off my Bucket List than a visit to Graceland?”

Sure, I hit Memphis’ other must-see attractions: Sun Records, Beale Street and the Gibson Guitar Factory. But I’m so glad I added Graceland, and I highly recommend it to anyone else visiting Memphis (along with some late nights listening to great blues on Beale Street and some incredible Creole food. In fact – check out these bands on YouTube to get a feel of who I saw and what you can expect – Brandon Santini, Jake Lear, and the Ghost Town Blues Band).

Anyway, I was “All Shook Up” to be touring Graceland and see Tropicanna cannas alongside the King’s pool. We have always recommended this as one of the best uses for Tropicanna and it can be used in pots or in the ground as you see in these images:

Unfortunately, the plants were still only young as it was early in the season. But as you can imagine these will look stunning when fully grown, and we know the King loved the tropical look given his concerts from Hawaii and the famed Jungle Room at Graceland. So I am sure he would have enjoyed these alongside his pool.

Tropicanna Gold was also included in various plantings:

 We will now have to make an effort to get the recently released Tropicanna Black to the gardeners at Graceland so that we have the full set on display for the King.

Anyway, if you do get the chance to visit Graceland, make sure to look out for the Tropicanna cannas and be sure to allow plenty of time to see the home of the King and the Delta Blues.

In case you were wondering if I have a favorite song – well, it is a hard choice, but down to two final contenders: “Burning Love” and “Suspicious Minds.”


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