Tropicanna® canna


Key Features

  • Brings a tropical touch to the garden
  • Exotic display of large striped leaves
  • Brilliant flowers (colors vary per variety)
  • Can be planted in full sun or part shade
  • Hardy in USDA Zones 7 and warmer; elsewhere dig and store over winter.

Suggested Uses

  • As a “thriller” in containers
  • To add texture and color in garden beds
  • Great for water features and ponds

Varieties Available

  • Tropicanna (original variety – multi-hued tropical foliage)
  • Tropicanna Gold (gold and green striped foliage)
  • Tropicanna Black (dark burgundy/purple foliage)

Tropicanna® Canna Logo


Tropicanna Black container

Landscaping ideas with Tropicanna® cannas:

Ask for Tropicanna® cannas at your favorite garden center.

Tropicanna Canna (Original)

Tropicanna Canna (Original)


Tropicanna Black

Tropicanna Black


Tropicanna Gold

Tropicanna Gold

For more information and photos, please go to the Tropicanna page on Tesselaar’s website.

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