Trimming and Cutting Back Flower Carpet roses

Flower Carpet roses perform best when cut back each year (in the late winter/early spring) but don’t worry – Flower Carpet roses are so easy. Just get a pair of hedge shears and go “clip, clip, clip”, cutting the bush back to about 10” in late winter/early spring, just before the beginning of new spring growth. That’s it, no fancy pruning at all!

This encourages fuller and bushier growth. When you trim your roses,  just give them a handful of fertilizer or add some liquid food around the plant.   The reason for this is as you cut the plant back, it then triggers new growth,  and at this time the plants are looking for that added food to ensure you get a great burst of blooms again.

Flower Carpets can also be trimmed back a bit throughout the summer if you want to tidy up the plant after all blooms are spent on a particular branch.

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