The Quilt

Tropicanna canna quilt

So you might wonder how a man who can barely sew on a button (me) fell upon this astonishing quilt (left above). OK – I was on Pinterest. It’s fun, and it’s something I find myself doing often because it’s a great way to keep my work-eye tuned in to what people value. Looking at this quilt I wonder if it’s craft or is art? I’ve decided that it’s both. Made by self taught Karen Henry (I know this because I’ve poured over Karen’s website) this quilt features Tropicanna® which I’m very familiar with as it’s one of ours. I’ve seen many great photographs of this lovely canna but I must admit I wouldn’t have thought quilting could capture it as well – if not better.

And then I had an idea of how to have some more fun. I went on a web-wander, dropping some of our other plants’ names into Search to see what would pop up. And this is what happened…

This is Blue Storm™ agapanthus on the left and on the right, a small section of Jack Tzekov’s After the Storm, and the funny thing is, having seen masses of these flowers dancing in the breeze, the painting is spot on, not just in terms of the colour, but the movement.

Blue Storm agapanthus


It was hard to decide which of the ten Flower Carpet® roses to search with but I had a hunch Pink Splash would produce something fun and it did – a cluster of party bags from Sweet Little Birdy.

Flower Carpet Pink Splash


I have a very soft spot for strawberries, which is why we named this hydrangea (you guessed it) Strawberries & Cream®. The cake in the progress of being layered, is thanks to The Moveable Feast by baker-blogger, Amy, and is my preferred way to eat strawberries.

Strawberries & Cream Gift Hydrangeas


What is it about a bonfire. Is it the colour? The movement? We named our begonia Bonfire® because we were honestly transfixed when we first spotted it. Andy Glascott’s image captures a similar moment with this crowd at the Edale Folk Festival.

Bonfire Begonia


To finish up I searched around with Calypso which is one of our very, very new Sweet Spot® roses and this is what happened. There’s something very alluring in a slightly cheeky way, about this pair of beautiful faces – the lovely lady is part of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the islands being the home of calypso music.

Sweet Spot rose Calypso


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3 Responses to The Quilt

  1. Graciebelle November 7, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

    What an amazing piece of art (the Tropicanna canna quilt). Wish it was within my budget but I’m sure it’s worth every penny, and more! Thanks for sharing -loved the Pink Splash rose with the Lollie wrappers too!

  2. Your Easy Garden Team November 7, 2013 at 11:47 pm #

    Yes, we love it too! What a talented person Karen must be (and patient too!)

  3. Laurie Riedman November 11, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    WOW – love this — that quilt is amazing and I love the comparisons – -what is that saying? Life imitates art or is it the other way around?

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