The Hottie is Back

Orange colored flowers

What a fabulous combination where the zinnias and salvia are give extraordinary pizzazz thanks to the Canna Tropicanna.

Are we excited about the coming of warmer weather? Of course we are: we’re gardeners after all. It’s time to set up for those gorgeous warm days ahead surrounded by lush plants and lashings of colour. And if the summer trend in the southern hemisphere is anything to go by, which it often is, there is a definite popular culture up-swell for hot colours. Reds with oranges; yellows with pinks. Lime green with some purple thrown into the mix. This is the summer for a plant like Canna Tropicanna with its flashy rhumba foliage and brilliant flowers.

If you’re already a fan of Tropicanna and live in a mild climate, there’s not much to do but keep an eye on them as they leap steadily onwards and upwards. And if you live in a chillier climate, as soon as you’re sure the last cold snap is past, it’s time to bring out those carefully stored rhizomes and pop them into your nice roomy containers. Add some colourful flowering annuals – a rainbow collection of petunias or zinnias would be very special – and in a few weeks you’ll be ready for a party.

Are Tropicannas tricky to grow? No they’re not. Fussy about water or soil? No. A magnet for bugs or disease? No. The fact is that they are a great plant to feature because they will not let you down. So get cracking… summer’s coming and it just ramped up a few notches…

foliage plants

What could be better than Canna Tropicanna? The fact that there are three options. Here Canna Tropicanna Gold glows in the background and there is a black version too.


Orange colored plants

It’s not just about the foliage – clearly.


colorful blossoms

Tropicanna is one of those plants that lifts any garden well out of the realm of ho-hum ordinary.

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