The Gift Card – Gift Plant Challenge

Getting (and using) a gift card can be tricky . . .

Are you a bit wary or nervous about owning and tending a living plant? And yet someone gave you a holiday or Valentine’s gift card from a garden center? Hmmm . . . Seriously, don’t panic.

These two tips could turn you into a confident plant person. Tip one: pick a plant that’s reliable. Tip two: pick a plant that isn’t fussy about how it’s treated. So, do what you usually do when you need the inside word: hunt around online for bullet-proof plants and then ask your friends. By the time spring arrives, you’ll know what to ask for when you pop into that garden center, card-in-hand. Start looking, and be sure to check out Flower Carpet Roses and Storm Agapanthus and Tropicanna cannas.  All 3 are strong performers and will be the gift that keeps on giving!

easy care plants

Flower Carpet Amber and Blue Storm agapanthus are both good choices if you’re looking for long-blooming and easy care plants!


bullet-proof plants

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme (left) blooms for months on end and Tropicanna canna (right) is great as ‘thriller” in containers mixed with cascading “spillers”.


Did you get a live plant for Christmas or Valentine’s day?

If you did, how’s it looking now – a little sad? Don’t throw it out . . .  you can play around with it instead. Cut off the dead bits then give it a good soak. While it’s having a drink, go and find a bigger pot for its new home. The idea here is that your Christmas-present-plant will become the leader of a new gang of plants, all put together into a bigger pot like the mix in this black pot. Need inspiration? Picture a Flower Carpet white rose surrounded by white petunias and parsley (get some seedlings from the garden center). Or a Blueberries & Cream hydrangea inter-planted in with lobelia and blue fescue grass.

In other words, keep the colors simple. Water your new gang and watch them grow together into a very funky living flower arrangement. Then pop the pot where it will get some attention.

easy care container plants

Flower Carpet Yellow is great mixed with other similarly colored plants, where Flower Carpet White can work with a range of other colors.


Blueberries and Cream Hydrangea

Blue blossomed plants create an even greater impact when planted together



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