Team Spirit Garden Photo Contest

team spirit photo contest

Show Your Team Spirit and win a Gardener’s Supply Gift Card!

Gardeners usually choose color and plant combinations that bring them joy or serenity.  But what about ones that build team spirit?

This year we’re challenging our Facebook fans to create their own “Team Spirit” gardens! Indianapolis Colts fans, yours is easy if you combine white geraniums with blue lobelia.  Minnesota Vikings fans – how about a combination of purple phlox, gold sunflowers and white roses?  Green Bay fans – a Tropicanna Gold canna planted with white alyssum and some dark green foliage plants would be perfect!  Pittsburghers, check out Doug Oster’s new book “The Steel City Garden,” for loads of Black and Gold ideas!

Or, why not support your local high school team by to creating a community or schoolyard garden that features the team’s colors!

Your Team Spirit Gardens can be large as a full garden bed or as small as a container planting. Use your imagination and check out our Team Spirit Gardens post  for more suggestions on plant combinations.

The contest doesn’t end until September 1st so you’ll have plenty of time to create your team spirit garden.  Winners will receive Gardener’s Supply Company Gift Cards as follows:  1st Prize $150; 2nd Prize $100; 3rd Prize $50.


How to Enter . . . It’s simple!

1)    Post photos of your “Team Spirit” garden to

2)    Tell us a little bit about the plants you’ve used and the team you’re supporting

3)    Then encourage your friends to vote for their favorite Team Garden Photos by “Liking” your photo!!


Contest Rules:

  • Your photo must include this in the description: “This photo is my entry into the Team Spirit Garden Photo Contest from Tesselaar Plants! Help me win by “Liking” this photo.”
  • Entries are limited to 3 photos per person
  • Entries are NOT limited to backyard gardens.  Roof-top gardens, container gardens and team spirit school gardens are all great ways of showing team spirit!
  • All photos must be your own.
  • All entries must be received/posted by September 1st
  • Photos with the most votes (Likes) will win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.
  • Winners will be  announced on Sept 3rd and will be contacted via Facebook

NOTE:  The selected winners will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing address.  If we don’t hear back, we will select another winner based on number of Likes/votes.

Here are just a few ideas of plants that could work in a variety of Team Spirit gardens or containers . . .


‘Alabama Jubilee’ daylily boasts some bright orange blossoms


Festival cordyline

Festival ‘Burgundy’ cordyline would work well for any team sporting burgundy as one of their colors



plant combinations

Flower Carpet Amber and purple/blue lavender make a good combination


Black and Gold garden

Black Eyed Susans work well for any team sporting the Black and Gold!


warm climate gardens

Powder blue “Blue Storm” Lily of the Valley is perfect for warm climate team gardens


team spirit gardens

Flower Carpet Red grows in just about any climate and would be the perfect addition to any Red, White and Blue team garden. In the background, is a green and white hosta – perfect for shady team gardens.


Steel City Gardens

And of course, who could forget the flamingos! (Photo courtesy of St. Lynn’s Press / Doug Oster’s “Steel City Gardens” book.)


For more plant combination ideas, click here and go to our Team Spirit Pinterest board!





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