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testing soil

Measuring and Correcting Your Soil’s pH

  Ever find yourself wondering why your plants aren’t growing as they should be? You dutifully water them and make sure they get enough sun; yet they seem to be going nowhere. The problem could be something you would never suspect – your soil pH. Imbalanced pH in the soil can cause even the hardiest […]

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composted materials

Take the composting plunge

You know that compost is the gold standard for soil, but are you afraid to make it? Put aside your squeamish phobias. Anyone can make compost, even if the closest you’ve gotten to it is in sealed bags at a garden center. If you live in the country, a pile in the ground will suffice, […]

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Slug damage

Getting slimed? Slug it out naturally

By early summer, slugs are shredding hostas and tearing up toad lilies. Left alone, slugs and snails will flatten entire fields of corn and soybeans. In the home vegetable garden, lettuce, spinach and cabbage are at risk, too. Slugs are as gross as they are destructive. Eradication is tough but fortunately organic gardening includes multiple […]

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