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No-Dig Koi Pond Installation

Do you browse Pinterest and get starry-eyed when you come across a picture of a gorgeous backyard koi pond? And do visions of high price tags and hours of hard work quickly squash your daydreams? If so, you’re thinking about ponds all wrong! It doesn’t have to be really difficult to have a lovely pond. […]

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Tropicanna is an ideal plant for large and small water features or ponds.

Tropicanna is perfect in ponds

Tropicanna® cannas are ideal in ponds and water features, adding an exotic touch. However, for ultimate success, it’s important to follow these 4  easy preparation steps. 1)  Planting in Water Features and Ponds Carefully remove your Tropicanna from it’s original pot and rinse off the soil. If the plant isn’t root-bound you can re-use the […]

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