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Mother Nature’s Blessings, Burdens and Blunders

Fall came late to us here in southern Vermont, and even though we had a few light frosts in late September, we didn’t have a hard freeze until mid-October.  As a result, the gardens continued to provide us with loads of color far later than normal. Some of our Tesselaar Plants friends and testers from […]

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Plants Do Talk

You might not know this, but I didn’t just come to plants by chance – I grew up with them on a bulb farm tucked up in the hills behind Melbourne (Australia). And even though there was a fair bit of farm work as I grew up, it couldn’t make me hate those acres of […]

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The cucumber overtakes the dahlia.

Battle in the garden … Veggies vs Flowers

This is the year of the white cucumber–the Crystal Apple variety to be exact. From a half dozen seeds I’ve throw in the ground, I only expected one or two to take. Apparently they all germinated because now cucumber plants are stretching the length of my front garden overtaking two yews, two tee-pees, three swirled […]

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Monarch butterfly on butterfly bush (image by Denise Pierce).

Plants attract birds, butterflies – and kids!

There goes my daughter, Maya, helping her “papa” (grandpa) feed the birds again. It’s a very important job for her when she goes over to visit – scooping the bird seed from the big plastic bins in his garage and carefully pouring it into one of the many bird feeders hanging from his front tree like so much ripe fruit. Now […]

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