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Fall Garden Excerpt

Fall Gardening Quick Tips

As summer comes to a close in many parts of the country, it’s a good time to take note of what worked this year, what didn’t work, what you’d like to move (or toss), what you’d like to add, and so much more. It’s also time to start the tedious process of putting your garden […]

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Butterfly on Lantana_scroll

Attracting Birds and Butterflies to the Garden

Attracting birds, butterflies and bees to your garden or landscape not only adds ambiance, but also helps our environment. Gardens that are filled with birds and butterflies (even at their munching-caterpillar stage) are filled with life! Birds play an important role in the garden, eating aphids and beetles; bees are important for pollination, and the […]

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Garden Photos We Love

It’s that time of year when many of our fans and home garden testers send us photos of their favorite plants and we thought our readers might enjoy seeing them too! Our first set of 3 container garden photos are from Alison Conliffe’s blog, Bonney Lassie.  Her blog is filled with gorgeous photos and we […]

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