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Good Gardening Travels with Phillip

We have a saying in the company that for a plant to fit our portfolio it really must pass the galloping horse test i.e. is it striking enough to catch your eye at high speed let alone walking past. That got me thinking about some of the gardens / plants that I have stopped to […]

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cottage garden

Mixing Roses In

If you haven’t been to Wisley in the UK, go. As you’d expect, it’s an extraordinary garden, filled with gorgeous landscape moments. It’s the work of the Royal Horticultural Society which carries international punch for good reason. I visit often because I can, and because I want to. And each time I go I come […]

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Red and White tulips

Human Hands on Nature

Each of our gardens is a piece of the larger landscape, a small part of the world that we happily tinker with to suit ourselves. Our gardening hands shape these spaces – literally – and whether that space includes a mile-long avenue of trees or a kitchen window ledge, everyone’s take will be different. What’s […]

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