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6 child with seedling

Seed Starting Part 2

Transplanting Seedlings and Getting Them Garden Ready So you got through the first step…you planted your seeds for your spring garden. If you followed the steps in part one of this post, by now your seedlings should be growing and thriving. Now it is necessary to transplant them out of their tiny egg carton homes. […]

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Seed Starting Part 1

If you are like me, the first signs of an impending Spring send me grabbing my seed catalogs and gathering tools, ready to get a jumpstart on the gardening season. Depending on your climate, for many cold-hardy vegetables, March is the perfect time to get growing. Seed starting indoors is a great way to extend […]

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5 salad green seedlings

Grow Your Own Salad Mix Indoors

Although the weather outside is frightful (at least here in Vermont), growing your own food is so delightful! It will be months before many of us are back digging in the dirt, but we can still enjoy growing many yummy fruits and vegetables indoors. One of things I miss the most in the winter is […]

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seed storage containers

Spring Clean and Save Money on Garden Prep

Before heading out for garden supplies this spring, shop your pantry, closets, garage and attic. Repurpose common household items and save money as you declutter.  Some ideas: Yogurt containers Stack two or three of the same size and drill or punch three holes in the bottoms. Add potting mix, a few seeds and some more […]

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