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Garden Quotes Celebrate Year of the Rose

Each year the National Garden Bureau selects one annual, one perennial, one bulb and one edible as their “Year of the” crops. Each is chosen because they are popular, easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse, and versatile. This year, we’re delighted that the rose was chosen as the perennial. In honor of this selection, we thought we’d […]

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Ouchless Roses

I love roses – who doesn’t. I can’t say though that I love their thorns – who would? But since they come hand-in-hand, I guess we all accept it and make the best of the deal. But do we have to? (Warning, I’m about to hop up onto a semi-promotional soap box.) Rose blooms and […]

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Cottage Garden

Tame Your Cottage Garden

A mass of purple clematis cover a lamppost, swaths of daisies wave in the wind and roses drape over a picket fence. It’s summer, and after months of neglect, cottage gardens are finally getting the attention they deserve. Whether it’s on a lake, pond or other rural setting, cottage gardens vary widely, but all seem […]

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