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easy gardening projects for kids

Easy-to-Make Root View Box

Teaching young children the magic of growing and sharing with them the experience of eating food they have grown straight from the garden is one of my passions. For the youngest gardeners, what’s actually going on under the ground is quite a mystery. To uncover the mystery and make the process super simple to understand, […]

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Mini Terrarium Post Excerpt

Easy Fairy Garden Terrariums for Kids

At Hiland Hall Gardens, we love to foster children’s natural curiosity about the natural world. A fun project that encapsulates this feeling is creating small garden rooms in terrariums made out of recycled containers. What you need for each garden: • a clear 2 liter bottle cut in half • 2 cups of small pebbles […]

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Flower Arranging Excerpt

Easy Flower Arranging for Kids

It’s summer vacation here in Vermont. For our family, that means our days are relaxed and mostly unstructured. Much time is spent in the backyard . . . in our garden, reading, swinging, riding bikes, running, laughing, exploring, drawing, dancing, sometimes crying, lots of hugs, and always ending back in the garden to pick our […]

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Homemade All-Natural Bug Spray

Working out in the garden is so rewarding and lovely until you look down at your leg and see…a tick! What nasty, little creatures! Or have you ever gotten swarmed by mosquitoes while trimming back your raspberries? I have. Mosquito bites are annoying, but tick bites can be deadly. They carry a host of diseases, […]

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gardening projects with kids

Lettuce Heads – A Fun Gardening Project for Kids

I’m always looking for new ways to make gardening fun for my classes with the local elementary school at Hiland Hall Gardens. Whenever I can integrate humor into my lessons, I find it’s always well received. Who doesn’t love to laugh, right? The kids dubbed my latest garden lesson “Face Plants”, which is basically a […]

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