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garden sculpture

Garden Art Ideas

This week we had the privilege of attending the annual Garden Writers Association’s conference.  As part of the conference, we had the opportunity to tour several private gardens in the Atlanta area, all of which were absolutely stunning!  A few had some very interesting pieces of garden art, and we thought our readers may be […]

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roses scroll

Making Garden Projects Happen

If you have a daunting Big Garden Project, this is how to make it happen. Like anything that seems overwhelming – study assignment, special project at work, a garage clean-out – the trick is to break it down. It then looks very ordinary and do-able, and before you know it, a few weekend have passed […]

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color in the garden

Next Year’s Garden Look

As the transition into winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere, I have been spending some time reading all the recommendations on preparing your plants and garden to cope with the cold conditions… which got me thinking about change. It seems that in our quest to ensure that our plants survive winter and our garden is […]

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Flower Carpet Coral groundcover rose

Making the Most of a Small Garden

The benefits of gardening in small areas are that it is likely to be cheaper and much easier to prevent your garden looking bare in this case as fewer plants and features are needed to fill the space. Pairing this with some thoughtful positioning can achieve the same aesthetic effect as a much larger garden. […]

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