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630 x 310

Homemade Paper Plant Pots

Here’s how to make the easiest paper pots ever. I’m making them at the moment as part of a plan (spoiler alert) to give my friends home-made gardening kits this Christmas. With twelve of these pots and a packet of heirloom seeds, they should have some bean seedlings ready to plant out two-to-three weeks after […]

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lip balm scroll

Handmade Gifts From the Garden

  Handmade gifts are special. In a culture of instant gratification, an overabundance of “things,” and the underlying pressure to have it all, receiving a gift that shows the mark of the maker is refreshing. Not only is the gift itself appreciated, but also the notion of the time spent making the gift. Time is […]

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making herb wreaths

Making Herb Wreaths in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for a personalized gift to make for your favorite friend or relative? Why not try an herbal wreath! They’re easy and inexpensive, and can be tailored to fit any décor. Supplies: Straw wreath form (available from craft stores) Π Pins (available from craft stores) Perennial herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, bay, lavender, etc.).  If you’re […]

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Holiday Garden Craft Ideas

I love getting crafty around the holidays, especially when it comes to making gifts. It’s my one artistic outlet – and a great way to get stuff done while keeping my 5-year-old entertained. The key is, it has to be cheap, quick and easy. Here are some examples of cool, handmade holiday gifts and décor […]

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