Summertime is Playtime

Canna Tropicanna – that striped rainbow of party fun in the middle – has no trouble setting the tone for a fabulous easy-care summer in the garden.

Gorgeous weather – at last – and the time to enjoy it. What else could be better? Unless it was a garden that knew how to look party-ready but without the work. Here’s the tip to make it happen in your garden.

STEP ONE: Gather together all those large patio containers that still have last year’s shriveled dead plants in them. Spread out a drop sheet and tip out the old soil onto the tarp. Mix in any compost you have lying around then pop it all back into your containers and give everything a gentle watering.

STEP TWO: Go to the garden center and buy a boot full of Canna Tropicanna. You’ll know them when you see them because their name is as eye-catching as their foliage. There are three types – a black version, a gold and green and the complete hot tropical combo of colors variety. They all shriek hot weather and good times which is the vibe we’re after.

STEP THREE: Come home and plant your Tropicannas. Add some fertilizer to the planting holes as you work, and water everything in well.

STEP FOUR: Arrange your containers around the patio, the deck, the pool area and then relax. Your gardening effort is now pretty much over as these plants will look after themselves. With the help from some watering, the Tropicannas will soon grow into a vision of jaw dropping ¡Ay, caramba! foliage and flowers.

STEP FIVE: Position your lounge chairs and plan your summer reading, or roll out the BBQ and invite your friends over.

Here’s Canna Tropicanna in close up with its cousins Gold and Black below



With all that tropical color to play with, it’s fun to add a bit more to the mix, whether it’s zinnias and petunias (above) or coleus (below). This is definitely a case of more is better.

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