Spring – the Gorgeous Beast

Tulips in bloom

Spring’s face in a mass of gorgeous tulips…. ahhh

I just can’t understand why ancient pagans were so terrified that Spring might not rock up after Winter? They obviously lived in fear – that the snow and grey skies would stay forever – and so they organised themselves to prevent the unthinkable. They busily dragged tree limbs inside to worship (ok, many of us do that around Christmas-time). They lit bonfires to welcome the rising sun (as we enjoy the odd wintry-bonfire), and they dressed their maidens in white and sent them out to welcome the spirit of Spring (not so common where I live).


But they needn’t have been concerned because, as any gardener knows, Spring is a powerful force that cannot be stopped. And isn’t that one of the most wonderful things in life? It’s like an orchestra (bear with me…) sitting in silence before the poised conductor. And then suddenly there’s a swell of sound which builds towards a full explosion (well… depending on the piece performed).

snow covered trees

Christmas in Holland, taken during a visit

Spring is just like that. The Winter is the dark quiet time with little colour, then the music swells and Spring pushes is with its rich cacophony of scents and colours, it’s flavour and Life, with a capital L. The swelling buds on the magnolias, the thickening flush of green across the roses. The bulbs – miracles of happiness which leap out of the earth and offer up their glowing faces to reassure us that Winter is over and the rosey, warm days of Summer are on their way.

Flower Carpet rose

Before long we’ll be picking roses like these – Flower Carpet Appleblossom.

What’s your favourite Spring plant?  We’d love to hear about it and why it’s your favourite!




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  1. Graciebelle May 2, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    Spring’s been a long time in coming for us in the northeast but I think it’s finally here. Just heard the peeper frogs this week – always a good sign.

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