Spring stunner – Fragrant, Free Flowering and Fantastic…

Well, it’s that time of year again here in Australia which is a favorite of gardeners around the world . . .

“Spring” – when we all have a renewal of sorts, that extra bounce in our step and energy levels are at their highest, with motivation to get ready for the season ahead.

flowering hedge plants

Fragrant Fairy Magnolia ‘Cream’ heralds the beginning of Spring here in Australia

Having been away for the past few weeks, I have fortunately missed the coldest parts of our pretty benign winter here to return to one of the best times of year. (Although the family has informed me that it was unseasonably cold and wet this past winter in Melbourne.)

Now, normally at this time of year I would be bemoaning the end of another football season and the pending television void that cricket offers for the non-interested like myself. However, this year, my first reaction on arriving home was to be blown away by the blooms of our Fairy Magnolia White in the hedge.

Spring is normally known for the lovely and delicate cherry blossoms, elegant flowering plums and apricots and all-too-pretty forsythia – all of which are in the garden here. But this year there is a new sheriff in town with show-stopping appeal that puts all of these other bloomers to shame!

Drum roll please – have a look at the Fairy Magnolia White in bloom with the sheer mass of flowers, intoxicating fragrance and promise of buds that signal blooms for many months ahead.

fragrant shrubs

Just imagine the sweet fragrance of these Fairy Magnolia ‘White’ blossoms!

These can be grown as espaliers as well as a single specimen plant or topiary, but nothing compares to the impact they have in mass planting.

Can you imagine these along a fence line or clipped into shape near a patio where you could enjoy the lovely fragrance, with the customary glass of wine (white being spring – something like a Pinot Grigio that has a light spring taste as well) to accompany your time surveying the fruits of your work in planting this show stopper for the garden.

flowering hedge plants

 Shown here is a hedgerow of Fairy Magnolia ‘Blush’


blooming hedges

Fairy Magnolias look great even when not in bloom!


There are 3 selections in the Fairy Magnolia® range: White, Cream and Blush (along with some new candidates that are, in my opinion, going to be amazing when it comes to color breaks) but I have to say I am quite enamoured with how the White will fit with any classic garden design and out-perform just about any alternative out there.

Be sure to look for these in your garden centers now so that you can enjoy the same experience next year and until then ‘Garden on Good people’.




4 Responses to Spring stunner – Fragrant, Free Flowering and Fantastic…

  1. Carmel September 26, 2017 at 10:16 pm #

    These are the most beautiful shrubs! I have 3 in my yard and wish I had more. Easy to grow and blooms like no other! Thank you for bringing to the USA!!

  2. Your Easy Garden Team September 27, 2017 at 4:05 pm #

    Hi Carmel – thanks – so glad you love them!!!

  3. Karen May 2, 2018 at 5:11 pm #

    I am in zone 5, Ohio, U S would the Fairy Magnolia grow in my area? Thank you!
    Karen Q

  4. Judie Brower June 13, 2018 at 7:54 pm #

    No, they’re only hardy to Zone 7b which is a considerable distance south of you. Sorry.

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