Spring Into the Garden

  spring gardens

It is days like this that I recognize and really appreciate the benefits of my work which has me travelling between 2 of my favorite seasons – Spring and Autumn – enjoying  the best that a garden can offer. Whilst in the northern hemisphere spring is only just starting, some regions and warmer climes like Florida are already enjoying beautiful weather and beginning to see their gardens at their best.  Here in the southern hemisphere we are enjoying a very pleasant start to Autumn.

fall gardens

Even in Australia you’ll find a wonderful array of autumn colors.


fall gardens

Brilliant Autumn garden alive with rudbeckia and colorful shrubs.


spring blooming bulbs

Snowdrops pushing their way through the soil (which they warmed!) is one of the first signs of spring in many areas. Photo courtesy RHS.


Noack Rosen trial gardens in late spring.

Noack Rosen trial gardens in late spring.

Now, I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite of these seasons as both offer distinctly different benefits to be enjoyed by gardeners. Spring, of course, is the time when, for many, the garden looks at its best – with plants in bloom, perennials emerging with more vigor after their winter break.  Those who have suffered through long harsh winters also appreciate the warming springtime air and weather that is conducive to spending more time outdoors. It is also when you get a chance to review the outcomes made months earlier in planning your garden design – adding new plants to the garden and seeing how plants that may have been relocated to better positions during the autumn / winter period have fared.

Perennial border

Newly arranged beds work nicely.

Autumn, on the other hand, is a mixture of enjoying the last bits of time in the garden ahead of winter arriving, undertaking some maintenance tasks like raking leaves, and preparing items for any major winter projects. For me (and I think you have heard me complain about this before) autumn means a lot of raking because of the large trees around my roof. Unfortunately I am assisted with this task by my less-than capable-assistant, the ‘Red Menace’ – my dog who takes great delight in running through the piles of leaves raked up and sees this as one of the highlights of being out in the garden with me!

dog playing in leaves

My perennial helper!

Autumn is also when we prepare for our upcoming Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show which is held in the historic Carlton Gardens adjacent to the beautiful heritage-listed Exhibition building.

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia

This year our display is organised unusually well ahead of time and we will be showcasing some of our new products just released (or about to be released in Australia) such as the Sweet Spot Roses, Daphne Perfume Princess, Coprosma Pacific Sunrise & Coprosma Pacific Sunset. A lot of these are already available in the northern hemisphere so I will be interested to see if the Aussie consumer response matches the excitement we have seen elsewhere.

easy care roses

Sweet Spot roses, introduced to the US in 2014 will now be available to Australian gardeners!

So with that said, I will include images and an update from the show in my next blog. Until then “Garden on good people” and enjoy all that spring and autumn have to offer!


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