Show Your Team Spirit!

Team gardens

A few pages from Doug Oster’s popular “Steel City Gardens” book.

Gardeners usually choose color and plant combinations that bring them joy or serenity.  But what about ones that build team spirit?  Thanks to TV and radio host  Doug Oster  and his book “The Steel City Garden,” people throughout the Pittsburgh area and far beyond are creating “One-of-a-Kind Gardens in Black and Gold.”

Steel City Gardens

This little book is filled with ideas for anyone wishing to add blacks and golds and yellows to their gardens

So this year we’re challenging our readers to create their own “Team Spirit” gardens! Indianapolis Colts fans, yours is easy if you combine white geraniums with blue lobelia.  Minnesota Vikings fans – how about a combination of purple phlox, gold sunflowers and white roses?  Seattle Seahawks fans could do a lovely container filled with lime colored sweet potato vine, blue larkspur and bachelor buttons, and white alyssum.  Baltimore Oriole’s fans – what about some deep orange marigolds and lantana planted with some black elephant ears in a solid black container.

Or, why not support your local high school team by to creating a community or schoolyard garden that features the team’s colors.

More details on the Team Spirit Contest will be announced on June 1st, including prizes, deadlines and entry submission.  In the meantime, as you’re planting and planning your gardens and containers, think of a way that you can show YOUR team spirit by creating a spot in your garden or a patio container boosting your favorite team’s colors and start taking photos!

And remember, team colors can be achieved by more than blooms.  Grasses and colorful foliage plants can provide a range of colors – from deep burgundy to lime green!  Here are just a few examples of colorful plants.


blues in the garden

Lavender (left) and Aquilegia ‘Clementine® Blue’


Festival cordyline

Festival ‘Burgundy’s dark foliage would work nicely with white or gold colored blossoms or plants


daylilies in the garden

Daylilies come in a wide range of colors and could easily be in a team spirit garden, while Lady’s Mantle is provides great yellow and lime green tones.


team garden

Simple silver and blue team garden features Dusty Miller and dark blue/purple petunias.



Rudbeckia is the perfect addition for any team sporting gold, brown, green or black as part of their colors.


Flower Carpet Scarlet

Long blooming Flower Carpet Scarlet is a perfect choice for teams sporting bright red as part of their team colors.


green and yellow scroll


Click here for more details on Your Easy Garden’s  Team Garden Contest and in the meantime, happy planting!





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  1. gerald March 14, 2016 at 9:14 pm #

    those silver plants are woolly lambs ear not dusty miller

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