Show me how… to prune roses

Here’s a BIG reveal. I’ve never known how to prune a rose. And by that I mean old style, with a medical degree in one hand and my hand pruners in the other. Honestly. Rose pruning is well beyond me, and much as I love roses (which is a lot) this is why I’m stressed by old-style roses.

Maybe that’s why my ears pricked up when I first heard about Flower Carpet roses way back when (25 years ago, if I’m counting). They were special for lots of lovely reasons – but I certainly also registered the fact that they would never need fancy pruning.

The first time I stood and watched someone pruning one of these roses I was stunned and euphoric. Why? Because I knew that I could have a rose-filled garden. Because I wouldn’t stress about rose pruning anymore. And because I also suspected that there were a great many gardeners in the world that were like me – rose lovers who were struggling with the pruning side of things. I could see we were all going to be very happy with our Flower Carpet roses.

So if you haven’t seen how non-technical cutting these roses can be, take a look at the library of how-to videos on our Tesselaar website and also those featured at the bottom of this blog.  Here you’ll find some no-nonsense gardeners who are happy to show you how to go about the getting things done simply and easily in the garden.


Pruning roses

Here’s proof that chopping Flower Carpet roses back with shears (above) is fast and unfussy. It also produces a fantastic show every year in our trial gardens (below). I can say this because we’ve been doing this for years with the same fabulous results. You can see why I love Flower Carpet roses.

Flower Carpet full bloom

Here are the same Flower Carpets in late summer and full bloom.





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