Rose Lovers

If you need proof that the rose has a seriously large fan club, I think I have it. Just before Christmas, I spoke at the World Federation of Rose Societies conference in New Zealand. This in an organisation made up of 39 nations from around the globe. With 100,000 paid up members, this represents the official tip of the iceberg. And I know, not just because we were there, looking at and smelling roses for several days straight alongside everyone else, but because I’ve been in the rose business for a long time now. Bliss.

easy care rosesWhoa! Not a combination for the traditionalists but then not everyone loves the White Garden at Sissinghurst. Bouncing off each other here are two Flower Carpet Pink Supreme and Flower Carpet Red.

That week reminded me why the rose is and stays the Queen of Flowers. Sheryl and I feasted our senses to overload with astonishingly beautiful roses, grown to be at their peak for this illustrious and very appreciative audience. From public to private gardens, trial gardens and the international rose show itself, there were roses everywhere and at some point in the midst of a perfumed fog I remembered something important about roses.

They are gorgeous but many of them can be tricky to grow. Which is bad news until you get your skills up to speed. But until you do – or if you never do – don’t worry because there are easy care options like (I have to say it) our Flower Carpet ground cover roses. (Yes, I did drift around the conference listening to the talk of pruning and spraying techniques with a little smile. After all, Sheryl and I did pin our business hopes on promoting non-fussy roses – no spraying or fancy pruning – and it has paid off.)

But before I start wallowing in smugness, I’ll return to my main message: I think the rose is the best flower. I also love that so many others agree with me and work to produce lovely roses for everyone to enjoy. But most of all I’m trying to alert new rose fans to the fact that there are easy-to-grow rose options out there which are really worth exploring. And now, here are some of my rose snaps to oooh and ahhh over. (You can join in with me if you like…)

rose conference

This is what Sheryl and I do for work. Seriously. We wander around and look at roses. And other plants too…


pink rose

These pink beauties (above and below) seriously impressed the conference goers.

pink roses


White Romance rose

The very lovely White Romance above, and (below), a New Zealand bee at work on Flower Carpet Red.

Carpet rose


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3 Responses to Rose Lovers

  1. Graciebelle January 7, 2014 at 5:32 pm #

    I love to give rose plants as housewarming gifts to friends and neighbors and as memorial plants for friends who have lost a loved one. The ones that seem to be the most well received as housewarming plants are Flower Carpet Scarlets but for memorial plants, it seems like people like the simplicity or serenity of Iceburg rose or Flower Carpet White.

  2. Laurel January 8, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    I agree that the rose is one of the best flowers! Rose bushes are some of the best ways to bring color into a landscape design.

  3. eggy betty January 14, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    You’re so right Laurel. I love roses because if you plant the right sort, it’s sorted. When they’re in flower they work so hard for me and I do NOTHING for them. Honestly. Rain from the sky and a snip when a leggy bit heads across the path. Why do people think this is so hard?

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