Quick Tips for Dealing with Landscape Challenges

Landscaping is a test of patience. No landscape, no matter how perfect it looks, is free of a few challenges. It can come in the form of a slope, a heavily shaded area that limits your plant choices, to even something as simple as a rocky spot.

landscape challenges

Simple projects can solve a number of landscape challenges

That doesn’t even include challenges brought by the weather, which can easily transform a beautiful piece of real estate into a desolate area. A drought for instance, can cause soil to dry and crack, while too much rain makes for a muddy mess.

Fortunately, there’s always some kind of workaround when landscaping is concerned. Here are a few tips against common problems.

Rocky land

A rocky slope eliminates many traditional landscaping options, but it leaves you with the perfect area to start a rock garden. Instead of fighting the rocky terrain, use it to your advantage. And if you live in an arid region where drought is common, you may want to consider building a rock garden even on flat land.

Hilly landscape suffering from erosion

If your landscape consists of a rockless incline, consider importing rock to create a rock garden. The rocks not only serve an aesthetic purpose, they also keep soil in place and reduce the problem of erosion. Another popular solution to hilly landscapes is to build retaining walls 3 feet in height in a method known as dry-walling. For this, you will need materials ranging from landscaping block, concrete, even timber and salvaged railroad ties.   Planting easy-to grow plants like ornamental grasses, low-growing junipers and Flower Carpet groundcover roses also helps to hold the soil in place.

rock retaining wall

Flower Carpet roses planted along a “pocket” incorporated into a stone retaining wall.

Dry area exposed to harsh sunlight

If rock gardens don’t appeal to you, consider building a xeriscape, which entails the use of drought-resistant xeriscaping plants in place of a lawn. A xeriscape, a compound of xeros, which means dry in Greek, and scape as in landscape, essentially refers to building a landscape specifically made to withstand dry conditions. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a xeriscape is that it requires low-cost, low-maintenance, drought-resistant perennials—perfect for penny-pinching gardeners.

Drainage issues

It’s easy to feel envious of people with dry areas when you look at your problem of being flooded by excess water. When wetness is the problem, particularly water puddles in your yard that make it unusable or worse, a danger to your home’s structural foundation, consider installing a French drain.

If you simply want to grow plants in boggy soil, you can turn to a bunch of different wetland plants that thrive in wet areas. Balk not, because plants like Black chokeberry, Inkberry, pussy willows and Winterberry Hollies can look great in the right landscape.  The same is true of some tropical plants like canna Tropicanna which performs well wet areas. If you have a large area to fill Joe-Pye weed grows well in masses, growing up to 6 feet high with lovely mauve-colored blooms.

Bog garden

Tropicanna thrives in wet areas and bogs

Area with too much shade

The opposite of a sun-battered area, spots with too much shade can be a problem too, but rather than fight your situation, embrace it by planting shade-loving shrubs that thrive in shade. These include deciduous shrubs like Red Osier Dogwood and evergreen shrubs like Yew Shrubs.

conserving water

A good cover of mulch helps reduce not only labor, but also conserves water. With a nice layer of mulch surrounding them, these Flower Carpet Scarlet roses thrive in a garden that bakes in the sun all day

Attack of the weeds

Mulch can be your best friend when battling weed growth. Mulch is easy to transport, malleable, and for some types, even easy to make on your own. By using attractive mulch, you can very well turn areas in your landscape shaded by trees into beautiful spots.


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