Preparing Your Garden for Winter

prepare garden for winter

Emergency Winter Garden Supplies

No matter how well you prepare your garden for winter, a sudden change in climate could be a disaster for your garden! Unexpected frost and heavy snow can spoil all of your careful planning and wreck your winter garden. To make sure that you don’t get caught out this winter, keep these emergency supplies handy for when the temperature drops.

Light Blankets

You wouldn’t go out into the cold without putting on a jacket, so why leave your plants exposed to the biting winter winds? When winter sets in, keep a few light blankets around that you can use to shelter your evergreens from the wind and rain. While most evergreens are hardier than other types of plants, protecting them from the elements will ensure that they look lush come spring. Remember to be careful when covering up delicate plants in case their leaves get crushed! A simple frame made out of wire can be easily constructed and will protect plants from damage.

wire mesh around tree

When using wire mesh around trees to discourage rabbits and other animals, make certain that the mesh extends beyond your normal snow line. Photo courtesy of US Department of Agriculture.

Wire Mesh

Young saplings are prime fodder for animals when there’s a sudden frost! When the ground freezes, animals like mice, deer and rabbits will use the soft bark for food, killing the tree in the process. If you want your young trees to survive into the spring, construct a simple barrier using wire mesh. Simply wrap the wire mesh around the bark of the tree, making sure that it’s planted into the ground so that animals can’t slip underneath.

Bubble Wrap

If you still have plants in your greenhouse, help them out by insulating the greenhouse with bubble wrap. A layer of bubble wrap on the inside your greenhouse walls will help to keep the heat in and cut down on energy bills if you’re using a heater. Before you buy the bubble wrap, make sure to measure the greenhouse first as you’ll need to cover the whole area. Also, look out for bubble wrap with larger bubbles as this will retain the most heat and allow light into the greenhouse. You can find a great guide to insulating a greenhouse using bubble wrap on Gardeners World.

A Sturdy Shovel

Remember to keep yourself safe this winter! When the frost sets in, garden paths and driveways can become perilous! De-icing a path might seem like a hassle but there are plenty of quick and easy ways to keep you and your family safe from slippery surfaces. One of the most cost-effective ways to clear ice and snow from your pathways is to use a heavy duty snow shovel.  If there has been a heavy snowfall, use a shovel to remove the snow from paths and expose any icy patches that are lurking underneath. When you’re shoveling snow, remember to wear sturdy boots with a good grip to reduce the chance of slipping on any hidden patches of ice!

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