Pop Up Gardens are attracting new gardeners

pop up veggie patch

This innovative parking-lot garden program is really taking off in Melbourne, AU

I know that I have written previously about my affinity for Guerilla Gardening and also about the challenges of how to  get more people gardening. I think I have found a company that is doing this successfully with a little bit of innovation and inspiration. Pleasingly enough, this is in my hometown of Melbourne where a company called the Little Veggie Patch Co has set up an urban community garden for people in the city to grow their herbs and vegetables.   Follow this link to find out more www.popuppatch.com

What strikes me about this concept is the fact that not only is this “pop up” veg garden located in the carpark (parking lot) adjacent to one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne –  Federation Square –  but that it is accessible and extremely affordable. It gives people a chance to get their hands dirty and to also know exactly the way that their herbs and plants are grown i.e. organically without chemicals, if that is their choice.

Pop up veggie gardens

Individuals can choose to enhance their own little veggie patches.

The concept of this raised bed urban garden so interested me that we just had to investigate further. Looking at the signs of the people and companies that have rented pop up patches, there appear to be a number of restaurants using these pop up patches to grow their own  fresh herbs and produce, including The Press Club, one of Melbourne’s finest eating establishments and a restaurant that you must visit if ever in Melbourne.

roof top gardening

Individual veggie patches are used not only by individuals, but city restaurants looking to grown their own fresh produce and herbs

raised bed gardens

Fresh produce abounds in the midst of Melbourne, Australia

Key to the success of the program is the fact that the company behind this has thought of all the aspects that can make gardening seem hard and  have made certain that all the tools, expert advice and plants / seeds are on-site. So, once someone has rented the box all they need to do is “get gardening” in their own raised bed pop up patch. This practical solution is one of the best ways that I have seen to get people, who would not otherwise have the option, interested in gardening. Hopefully they are successful in growing their own produce and flowers and will start to extend their interest in other aspects of gardening.

raised beds in Little Veggie Patch

Raised bed gardens in Melbourne’s innovative Pop Up Gardens


vertical gardening

Vertical herb gardens are also part of the Little Veggie Patch site

Enjoy the photos and check out the link explaining how this pop up veggie patch works.  I look forward to hearing from you all with your thoughts / comments on this very clever way of getting more people to garden, improving their health while enjoying the rewards of  better and fresher  vegetables, herbs and flowers that they have grown themselves.   If you have any similar projects in your area, we’d love to hear about them!


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