Keukenhof gardens

I wonder if botanophobes really exist – people who break out in a sweat when they see a tree, or a vase of flowers? Of course there may be people who aren’t too keen on a specific plant, for example if they’ve broken out in a rash after touching it. But I don’t think anyone could be frightened of the entire Plant Kingdom. No, I don’t think so.

After all, we inhabit the Kingdom of Plants. It doesn’t matter whether we live in urban areas or in the countryside, we are surrounded by plants, and where Mother Nature needs some help – in cities for example – our innate love of the green and growing means we establish street trees, carve out tiny parks and cultivate window boxes.

I know this because I see it wherever I go, and it’s what I see that fills me with inspiration to get out and garden even more. Like the photo above, taken on a Spring day visiting Keukenhof. Why we are all there is obvious. Go if you can, because there is something about this glorious space that makes you feel simply happy.

And when I spotted this window box (below) a few days later I wondered if Keukenhof’s oceans of bulbs had inspired someone to go home and create their own Spring moment.flower box


But inspiration can be from anywhere. Waiting for Sheryl recently, I snapped this beautiful planter (below) in the shopping mall.floral display


And here’s another indoor potted moment (below), at the Chateaux Villandry. It’s beautiful in this literally extra-ordinary setting, yet surprisingly adaptable to anyone’s home setting.

Flower box in shop window


And to finish off, the mind-blowing view (also taken at Villandry) that only the doomed French aristocrats could enjoy until we riff raff were let in after the revolution. Perhaps it’s a little too much inspiration? To the point of being daunting? No! It’s glorious! (But could it inspire hedge-a-phobia?)

formal gardens


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