Patricia Riedman Yeager

Patricia Riedman Yeager is a freelance writer and editor, who first started growing flowers and vegetables on her fire escape in Manhattan.

Now living in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs with her husband and three daughters, Patricia continues her quest to conquer gardening challenges, such as battling the squirrels and rabbits from devouring tender seedlings to coaxing an amaryllis to bloom again, using sustainable and organic methods.

Four years ago she lured a dozen parents into helping her transform a vacant, weed-choked corner of her daughters’ school playground into a garden made from donated, 7-foot farm tractor tires. Now when she volunteers at the school, she shows students how their banana peels can be transformed into “black gold” after a month in the school composter, how to make paper origami pots for seedlings or how to harvest and sort beautiful heirloom bean seeds, some of which will be saved to plant next year.

While Patricia has come a long way from having to wipe New York soot from her pepper plants, she’s still mixing flowers and edibles in her front garden. Only now when she waters her plants, she doesn’t risk drenching the innocent passersby on the sidewalk below.  Patricia will share her quest for organic sustainable gardening products and solutions, easy garden secrets and tips and the occasional story of folks she meets along the garden path.

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