Pamela Coyle

Pam Coyle

Pamela Coyle is a Nashville-based writer and editor who loves to play in the dirt. She started with an herb garden while living in New Orleans and graduated to vegetables as well as ornamentals after moving to Nashville in 2005. She and her husband have an amoeba-shaped perennial garden in the middle of their backyard, shade foundation gardens in the front, mixed shrubs and flowers along the front-facing privacy fence and four 4×8 raised vegetable beds.

A native of the Upper Midwest, Pamela hates wasting anything. The house gutters feed six 55-gallon rain barrels and home-grown compost feeds the gardens. She finds new ways to “repurpose” items around the house to help with garden prep and maintenance, grabs free plants when offered on Nashville Freecycle and swaps divided plants with gardener friends.

She wants to experiment with ornamental grasses and is an avid fan of informal gardens and “naturalizing,” or “planting stuff to see how it looks for now.”

Having lived in extremes (Hibbing, MN, Zone 3B and New Orleans, Zone 9B), Pamela is grateful for the middle ground of Zone 7B in Nashville. In addition to offering gardening and money-saving tips, she’ll write from the geographic perspective of someone who may plant dahlias but may or may not have to lift them.

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