Oh deer . . .

Oh deer……..

In the Willamette Valley we have slugs.  Big slugs, little slugs, speckled, red, banana, leopard, you name it.  They’re the biggest pest most of us have and we have the most disgusting remedies to rid our gardens of them.  I actually ate one last year in an organic salad……OMG!

Catie in her Oregon garden

Catie in her Oregon garden

But for me, the biggest problem is deer.  We have deer, lots of deer, locust amounts of deer.  They’re tame and they eat everything. Daffodils, peonies and cedar are all on the deer resistant lists – they eat them!  They’d probably eat the list if they had access.

Stinky sprays (every brand I’ve tried) are like a delicacy to them – aahh, dressing on my salad!  They lick it off – doesn’t faze them.  My tulips look like Morticia Addams (60’s TV sitcom) roses.  I cried when they munched my tree peony buds.

They jump over 8 foot barriers and crawl under two.  They knock down cages, “climb” the fruit trees and push over the bird feeders.

I’m not giving in yet!  I’m trying something new this year.  I’ve enclosed a small 8 x 8 area with 5 foot green garden stakes and fishing line.  I’ve heard this is effective because they can’t see the line.  The first one is about 1 foot off the ground, the next about three and the third about four.  I may need one more line at 5’ but I think it’s too small of an area for them to jump into.

Deer fencing

Deer detracting fence using several strands of fishing line,

Maybe this year I’ll find out what color my 8 year old tulip bulbs are!!  We’ll see.

Editor’s Note . . .Catie wrote to us recently and confirmed that this method has been working well for her.  We tried it here in Vermont with great success too!

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