October 2012 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day


Not much to report for the October 2012 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. The brainchild of May Dreams Gardens blog author Carol Michel, this lovefest of all things blooming in our gardens is celebrated by garden bloggers everywhere on the 15th of each month.

The only bloomers in my garden right now are my Flower Carpet roses. It’s one of the reasons I love them so much – because they give me big  blocks of colorful flowers even into October and November!

 My Tropicanna Black canna (below) would also be in full bloom with its lily-like, coral-red flowers by now – that is, if I hadn’t lopped it to the ground for some beautiful indoor foliage arrangements in late summer. As a testament to its feistiness, however, it has grown back to its previous height and refused to be blighted in our overnight freeze this past weekend. I’m curious to see if it’ll still bloom and keep growing, so I won’t dig it up till a hard freeze really crisps it (I did dig up my Tropicanna Gold cannas – as I write this, they’re in the basement utility sink, awaiting their annual cut-bag-and-tag).

This season’s lack of sun, I should add, actually turns Tropicanna Black’s leaves darker and darker, so it would be great to have it be devilishly, fiendishly, wickedly black by the time we get to Halloween (bwaaa-ha-haaa)!

 All my other blooming beauties (like the plectranthus, below) have come indoors as houseplants for the winter. They won’t be cold anymore, but they’ll have to listen to me whine about the weather and endure all my bad TV!

So, what’s blooming in your landscape now? Post a comment. Tell me about it!

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