Mother Nature’s Blessings, Burdens and Blunders

Fall came late to us here in southern Vermont, and even though we had a few light frosts in late September, we didn’t have a hard freeze until mid-October.  As a result, the gardens continued to provide us with loads of color far later than normal.

October gardens in southern Vermont

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme and Amber, ornamental grasses, Volcano phlox and a variety of perennials provide late season color in this Vermont garden.

Some of our Tesselaar Plants friends and testers from across the country had similarly lovely autumn weather and shared some of their photos and ideas.  For example, Kathy Skarr from Wisconsin sent this photo of a outside wall display using a deep old frame to hold a small plant container – a great way to perk up a boring outdoor wall.

Kathy Skarr from Wisconsin and her adorable wall.


Kathy’s Flower Carpet Scarlet also continued to bloom well into October in Wisconsin!


Sheryll Johnson’s Tropicanna continued to bloom and shine in Tennessee this fall.

Regan Jones’ northern California gardens abound with prostrate or “creeping” rosemary, Sago palms and Flower Carpet Scarlet and Pink Supreme


Denise Pierce’s Tropicanna in a mixed container continues to thrive in Alabama

Not all of our friends and testers were as fortunate though.

Last year, Linn from Richmond, Virginia suffered a huge amount of damage to her home and gardens after going through 5.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by Hurricane Irene 3 days later.


Linn from Richmond Virginia’s last year’s damage from a 5.8 magnitude earthquake and Hurricane Irene three days later.

And then to add to their burden, they were hit again recently with Hurricane Sandy.  Much of her garden was demolished again, but somehow or another, her Flower Carpet held it’s own. Linn sent this picture of her Flower Carpet Scarlet that she took 3 days after Sandy.  She wrote that “With all the wind damage, some plants laying on their side, the roses are standing beautiful with their bright red color.  The Hurricane was no match for Flower Carpet rose bushes.”

Linn from Virginia’s Flower carpet – a garden survivor for sure.

With that bit of hope and joy, we wish all our readers a pleasant and safe remaining fall season.  Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (or enjoy some of Mother Nature’s blessings, compliments of our friend Denise Pierce from Red Bay Alabama, who is fortunate to be enjoying a lovely autumn!)

And remember, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!


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