Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2016

Well, yet again Melbourne’s Exhibition Gardens played host to the annual International Flower & Garden show, and the Garden Designers came out to display their artistic edge and demonstrate how a plant palette can set the scene in either small or large spaces.  As always, the show was loaded with all the garden trends and ideas you’d ever need to  know!

This year’s show saw a mixed bag of designs – contemporary, urban, architectural and natural – but overall, in contrast to previous years, it appears that the main theme in the gardens was really about the inclusion of more plants and greenlife in the garden space as opposed to pavers, statues or structures.

I particularly liked the use of screening plants that were used in a lot of the designs this year. These plants were used to form individual garden rooms or offer privacy. I think that far too often we tend to forget the impact that a well maintained and shaped hedge can make in the garden and the multitude of applications they can serve.

Rather than spend a lot of time describing the gardens that I liked the best and the reasons why, I thought I would simply include some images from the show and let you decide which designs best appeal based on your own preferences.

Surf’s Up  . . . gardens all of us would enjoy spending time in!

MIFGS display

MIFGS display

MIFGS display

Check out this repurposed surfboard used as a dining table!


Hedging and Edging for Impact

MIFGS show display

MIFGS display

MIFGS display

Urban Architecture where crisp edges and clean lines abound!

urban style garden

urban garden setting

Urban gardens

Natural Surroundings – enhanced with soft edges, lots of wood and water

Natural settings at MIFGS

Natural settings2

Natural settings3

Lilypond garden

If you’re even in the southeastern Australia in March, the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show is a great place to get inspired!  Check out their website for to view more designs, including this year’s award winners.

If you ever get the chance to come and visit, I hope to see you there…

“Garden on Good People!”



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