Looking For Pantone’s 2014 Colors of the Year?

Now that color giant Pantone has released its Fashion Color Report for 2014, you can turn to Tesselaar Plants to find the hottest hues for use in your garden and as easy care patio plants.

Pantone colors of Spring 2014

Blue Storm agapanthus (also known as Lily of the Nile)  is a perfect example of Pantone’s Violet Tulip – the #2 Pantone Color for Spring 2014

easy care rose

New Sweet Spot ‘Calypso’ Decorator rose boosts a great combination of Pantone’s Spring 2014 top colors picks!

The blooms of Blue Storm agapanthus match Violet Tulip – the second-most-popular color chosen by designers nationwide for next spring. And if you look closely, each petal is striped down the middle with the Number One color – ‘Dazzling Blue.’   As Blue Storm blossoms mature, the color fades to No. 7 color pick, ‘Placid Blue.’

Tesselaar’s brand-new Sweet Spot line of decorator roses (available in 2014) features three of Pantone’s top color picks for 2014: No. 4’s ‘Celosia Orange’ No. 5’s ‘Freesia Yellow’ and No. 6’s ‘Cayenne’.  What’s even better is that all four of the line’s flower color combos change in their variation of shades over time.  It’s like a season-long kaleidoscope of color!


Pantone's Spring 2014 colors of the year

Volcano® Phlox Purple mirrors the shade of Pantone’s No. 3 pick – Radiant Orchid

And finally, you can see Pantone colors in the leaves and blooms of Tropicanna® cannas. The original Tropicanna cannas’ rainbow-striped leaves boast striations of Freesia Yellow and Celosia Orange, with the latter echoed in tangerine-colored blooms. The flowers and leaf striping of Tropicanna Gold, meanwhile, are the shade of Freesia Yellow, with flowers accented a perfect Celosia Orange. And Tropicanna Black’s purplish-black leaves get an extra boost of drama from the spicy, reddish-orange flowers the color of Cayenne.

Mother Nature, after all, is the best designer when it comes to color, but we think our plants wear them particularly well.

easy container plants

Tropicanna canna, Tropicanna Gold and Tropicanna Black boosts many of the top Pantone Color Picks for Spring 2014


Pantone Colors Picks for Spring 2014

Pantone’s Top Color Picks for Spring 2014. Photo courtesy of Pantone.



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