An easy-care deck plant you can bring indoors too!

If you’re looking for an attractive, easy-care container plant that really can be brought indoors over winter, Festival ‘Burgundy’ cordyline is the answer.

Festival Burgundy Cordyline

Even our cat loves Festival ‘Burgundy’ cordyline

Festival ‘Burgundy’ makes a stunning container plant on the deck or patio, but better yet, it also makes a great house plant and can easily be brought indoors over the winter.  And, unlike most tropical plants, Festival isn’t bothered by dry furnace heat.  You just need a spot that gets at least a few hours of sun a day, keep them moist but not soggy (better to err on the dry side than the wet side)  and they’ll continue to do well all winter.  Because they’re not a fast growing plant, they won’t take over the house or sunroom, nor do they get leggy as many container plants do when brought indoors.

Festival makes an easy-care houseplant when overwintered indoors

With their interesting strappy leaves and dark burgundy color, they’ll add a bit of cheer to any home all winter and can then be taken back outdoors to enjoy on your deck or patio.  This makes Festival a great value!

Festival Burgundy cordyline with topiary tree, lemon tree and unglazed terra cotta pots featuring contrasting plants.


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