Long Lasting Easy-to-Care for Plants

When we plant trees, shrubs and perennials in the garden, we expect them to last and really don’t want to spend time or money replacing them.

easy care roses

Gardening expert Dave Epstein shows off his Flower Carpet Scarlet roses

Horticulturalist and meteorologist Dave Epstein recently created a Growing Wisdom video on the types of plants you can depend on year after year. He tours his own garden and reviews a few of the 400+ Growing Wisdom videos he’s done since 2007, highlighting dependable, easy-care plants. Here are a few highlights from this new video.


Dave’s Tropicanna cannas come back year after year after being stored in a garage over winter

easy care plants

Dave’s Tropicanna Gold adds big impact to this little corner of his garden.

Dave explains how Tropicanna cannas “really do add that pop of color in any container.” He also shows an example of Tropicannas he plants in the ground in the same spot year after year because he can depend on them to provide “a nice pop of burgundy color to that area. The big Wow factor is how they’ve continued to thrive year after year.” Tropicanna can simply be dug up and stored over winter in a garage or basement in cold climates (or cut back and kept in ground in warmer climates).



Flower Carpet groundcover roses

This photo was taken in 2015 but these  Flower Carpet Pink Supreme roses were planted in 2010 and still continue to bloom year after year.

In addition to touring his own garden, Dave revisits a large, mass planting of Flower Carpet Pink Supreme roses that were planted right along the road in a nearby neighborhood  (see above and below). The video that featured these plants was shot in 2010 and he notes, “in spite of the snow and road salt and everything else along side the road, these Pink Supreme continue to bloom beautifully.”  Dave tells us that his own Flower Carpet Scarlet has “continued to bloom almost continuously since June – leaves look great – no disease – I haven’t done a thing with this. What a great plant!”

landscaping curb appeal

Here are the Flower Carpet Pink Supreme roses shortly after they were planted along the road in 2010.

curbside planting

This same roadside planting of Flower Carpet Pink Supreme thrives even after being covered with road salt year after year!

A few years back he redid one of his beds, removing some oversized shrubs and planting smaller ones, along with Volcano phlox because “it continues to give a nice pop of color when other things may not be flowering.” If it’s deadheaded, Volcano will rebloom too into September and October. Click here to learn how to deadhead and get the most from your Volcano phlox.

easy care plants

Volcano phlox will rebloom at least once if you dead head them.


easy care plants

Ligularia ‘Britt Marie’ blooms into early autumn

Another easy-care, long blooming perennial that Dave loves is ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ which will bloom for weeks at a time, well into the fall.  “Turtle head” (or chelone) is another low maintenance, long bloomer and as an extra bonus, the bees love it too!

These, like Flower Carpet roses, Volcano and Tropicanna are all plants that have survived and thrived year after year in Dave’s New England garden, standing up to extreme weather conditions – from snow and ice storms to summer droughts.

easy care plants

Turtlehead (chelone) is a favorite of bees and gardeners!

Summing it up, Dave reminds us that “Finding those plants that are easy to care for really makes gardening that much more enjoyable.”  You can view the whole video here:

For more of Dave’s helpful videos, check out the Growing Wisdom You Tube channel.

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