Keiko™ (Adored) Itoh Peony

Large, semi-double to double flowers measure up to six inches across, held on strong stems above a compact mound of dark green foliage. As the flower matures, the dark lavender pink petals slowly fade to a soft pink, revealing a cluster of yellow stamens in its center. The flower is lightly fragrant. Prefers full sun to dappled shade. Hybridized by Don Smith, a leading Itoh Peony breeder.

Key Features
Hardy USDA Zones 4-8
Ideal in borders, containers and mass plantings
Blooms in mid-spring
Grows 24-30 inches tall and wide

For more information, go to the Keiko Itoh Peony page on the Monrovia website.

Keiko™ Itoh Peony

Keiko™ Itoh Peony

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