Its been a crazy winter

Driveway plantings

This Flower Carpet Amber-smothered vision of summer is coming: it just may kick in a little later this year…

Who could miss spotting the super-cold weather we’ve been having? Not to mention the strangely unseasonably-warm pockets? From a gardener’s perspective it’s distracting. Our happy little rituals have been thrown in the air.

Should we panic? Of course not. Take a deep breath and don’t let weather anxiety take hold. The same rules still apply but we need to adapt. So what if the roses were fully leafed out by this time last year. That was last year and this is 2018. It’s a fresh game we’re playing and the weird weather patterns just make it all a bit more unpredictable. We can’t just look at last year’s garden diary entry and do the same. Instead we must watch for the first signs of green budding on our Flower Carpet roses. That is when we’ll dash out and feed them. We’re running in the same race, it’s just happening a few weeks later. We can take comfort knowing that we’ll still get to enjoy the soft initial flush of green, then the massing of those many, many flower buds. Then suddenly Flower Carpet will cover herself in the carpet of colour for which she was so aptly named, and we will stand back and sigh with pleasure… for as long as summer lasts and on into Fall. The cycle still goes around – it’s just not tethered to our diaries.

This is what a bit of timely fertilizing-the-roses does – it can fill your front yard with a sea of snow of a different kind.


There’s always been something very compelling about the original Flower Carpet Pink rose and this improved Supreme version is even more so.


Great garden moments are like well timed flower arrangements: this white rose and erigeron combo is a classic.


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