How to find Accurate, Relevant, Watchable Gardening Videos

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Ever looked for help in gardening videos only to discover conflicting information and just plain bad gardening advice? Or advice from somewhere in England, where you’re unfamiliar with the climate and don’t know how to adjust for your own location?

To help gardeners across North America, a nonprofit created by garden writers and educators is finding and featuring gardening videos selected for their accuracy – almost 500 of them so far – on the Good Gardening Videos website and YouTube channel.


Video Topics


ggv-video-screenshotjpgSeasonal Guides

You’ll also find Seasonal Guides that collect the best videos on specific topics:




Websites and Books we Recommend

Compiling accurate videos is great, but what about all the other sources of gardening information, from accurate to awful? The team behind Good Gardening Videos, often exasperated by the awful, has compiled a list of websites and books they frequently recommend. They’re found at “How to Find More Accurate Gardening Information.” You can’t go wrong with these sources.

how-to-make-videosHow to Video YOUR Garden

To encourage and help more gardeners share their gardens, their plant collections or their make-over projects, the GGVideos website includes great tips on “How to Make Videos Yourself.” Making a good-enough video is easier than you think – especially if you compile still photos into a slide show with captions or your own narration. Got no budget? There are free editing programs available, and even smart phones can capture usable video – and if you follow the tips.

Who’s Behind It?

The team behind GGVideos includes garden communicators committed to accuracy, as well as two members of the famous Garden Professors bloggers, and I serve as editor. We are all unpaid except for a horticultural educator we’ve contracted with to help vet videos for accuracy.

How to Follow GGVideos


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