How To Choose Easy to Care For, Long Lasting Plants

When choosing plants for your garden there are many things to consider. From colors and textures to functionality and bloom cycles a bit of thought can go a long way. Once element you don’t want to forget is maintenance. Some plants require a lot of maintenance and care while others just need basic care to flourish. While both high maintenance plants and easy care plants are both beautiful, why not save time with plants that don’t require so much fuss?


In this video Dave Epstein from Growing Wisdom breaks down some easy care plants that are long lasting.  He reviews plants that he’s installed in earlier videos and highlights those that continue to thrive, including Flower Carpet roses, Volcano phlox, Tropicanna cannas.


If you give them a try let us know in the comments below or even share your garden photos with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Garden on, good people!

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