Holiday Season Decorating Trends and Ideas

Holiday decorating ideas from around the world


Many of us are creatures of habit and tend to choose the same products/services that we have used successfully before – even during the holidays.

This is especially so when we are pressed for time as we enter the rush of the Christmas season where there never seems to be enough hours in the day, and no shortage of things to complete – all of which equals less inclination to think outside of our normal choices.

Think about the Poinsettia market which, despite many advances in breeding and a multitude of colors being available, still sees the majority of customers purchasing the traditional red Poinsettia (usually as part of the Black Friday sales).

Whilst I have no objection to tradition or conformity, this year I decided to push the boundaries and look for opportunities throughout the year.  I collected images / ideas or inspiration on how I could do things differently for Christmas (this includes not eating too much on Christmas day –something many of you may be regretting post-Thanksgiving).

So what am I going to do differently?

Well it starts with a vow to not just put a Poinsettia in a pot this year and consider that decorating.

Instead I am going to look at what other ideas are available to showcase the plants and decorate the house with a stylish Christmas feel, and have collected an array of images and holiday decorating trends from around the globe that range from complex designs to simple, easy-to-create holiday containers.

Note: Christmas in Australia differs dramatically from the Northern Hemisphere, as we are enjoying the best that summer can offer at this time of year.

Here are some of my candidate ideas for dressing up plain Poinsettias and also other options of plants in Christmas themes – some as basic as striking succulents or sprigs of Holly planted in silver or red containers, to more complex arrangements of mixed containers.


Any or all of these ideas will make a fantastic impression and are sure to add to the Christmas enjoyment.  They also provide a great answer when it comes to thinking about what gift you might like to give the person you find hard to buy for.   Everyone enjoys receiving plants, especially when presented creatively.

Wishing you all the best for the Christmas and holiday season and hopefully you are inspired to get busy decorating with plants!



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