Happy Birthday Flower Carpet Rose!

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Flower Carpet roseHappy 20th Birthday Flower Carpet rose!!


Cottage Gardens

Create an old old-fashioned cottage garden look with Flower Carpet roses

Interested in a bit more history behind the original eco-rose?  Read on . . .

If you walked into a garden center 20 years ago, you’d have faced a sea of black and green plastic pots and small labels. Walk in today, and you’re hit with a blast of color and sophisticated retail marketing thanks, pretty much, to one pink rose.

Easy care roses

A rose’s face is important, but so is the shape of the bush it grows on. Flower Carpet Pink is a legend on both counts.

easy care roses

Flower Carpet Roses are bred to be disease resistant, low maintenance and provide months of flowers.


Flower Carpet was the first rose to be sold in a colorful pot! It is “The Rose in the Pink Pot®”

The Flower Carpet rose is important for two reasons. It’s the first to be sold in a bright pink pot with large, informational labels. It’s also the first plant where everything hung on a performance promise that’s still honored to this day.

The promise was simple: it was an eco-friendly, easy-care plant that anyone could grow, gardener or not. With years of trials and testing before its release, Anthony Tesselaar and his team had made absolutely sure Flower Carpet would perform as described (easy to grow, no need for chemicals or difficult pruning) and then continued to develop additional colors, including the “Next Generation” varieties that have even stronger disease resistance and heat and humidity tolerance.

Flower Carpet Coral groundcover rose

Flower Carpet Coral’s blossoms get even more brilliant as cool temperatures move in.

Click here to learn more about easy-care, low maintenance Flower Carpet rose.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Flower Carpet Rose!

  1. Scott Poole February 1, 2015 at 6:45 pm #

    “Why?” because they are beautiful and the easy care and low maintenance doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Maryann Brown February 3, 2015 at 12:51 am #

    this beauty of a rose is eco-friendly and I would love to have some in my yard to brighten up my day while strolling through the yard.

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