Growing Magnolia Trees

trees for small yards

Black Tulip® is a glorious specimen with goblet shaped flowers 6 inches wide. This magnolia grows to only about 11 feet so it’s a great option for smaller gardens and courtyards.

Are you thinking of adding some new trees or shrubs to your yard or landscape this year?  Before you spend hours researching, consider the magnolia. This truly magnificent tree is easy to grow, comes in a variety of sizes to fit almost any garden and  provides gorgeous blooms. Perhaps best of all though, magnolias bloom early in the spring, just when we’re looking for any and all signs of winter’s end.


trees for small gardens

Burgundy Star™ magnolia is a narrow, upright tree and perfect for small-space gardens

Planting and growing them is quite easy too. They prefer a sunny spot and most varieties are cold hardy to USDA Zone 5. They can be planted as you would any tree, lining the top of the root ball with the ground level, watering in well and adding a few handfuls of controlled release fertilizer each spring. Pruning can be done if you spot and serious cross branches – otherwise just let them go and enjoy!


The magnolias shown here were bred by the renowned plant breeder Mark Jury in New Zealand. Their size, shape and uniformity of color make these Magnolias unrivaled. Mark Jury was recognized by the International Magnolia Society in 2003 for his breeding by being awarded the most prestigious D.Todd Gresham Award.





trees for small spaces

You can see why this Burgundy Star™ magnolia shines in any garden or landscape.

Burgundy Star™  is perfect for small space gardens. It has an upright columnar growth habit, growing to a height of about 11 feet while being only 3-4 feet wide.  Lightly fragrant Burgundy Star blossoms are a gorgeous claret red and cover the tree in early spring.


magnolia blossoms

This is the astonishing Magnolia Felix® boasts flowers that are 12 inches across!


small trees for the landscape

Magnolia Felix® brings the colorful cheer of spring to any landscape.

Check out the Tesselaar Plants website for more information and gorgeous photos of the award-winning Jury Magnolias.







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  1. Graciebelle March 20, 2014 at 12:21 pm #

    These look amazing. How can I find them in New England?

  2. judieyeg March 20, 2014 at 12:44 pm #

    Hi Gracie, you can ask your local garden center and if they don’t carry them they may be able to special order them for you from their licensed Anthony Tesselaar Plants grower. You can also go to the Monrovia Growers’ website to order them for delivery to your garden center.

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