Good Gardening Travels with Phillip

We have a saying in the company that for a plant to fit our portfolio it really must pass the galloping horse test i.e. is it striking enough to catch your eye at high speed let alone walking past.

That got me thinking about some of the gardens / plants that I have stopped to take snaps of over my travels and thought I would share some of these with you.

Subjects and the reasons for interest vary but as we all know gardening is all about taste and this is a variable that can appeal for many different reasons.

Enjoy and I hope to see some of the garden inspirations that you have seen in your travels as well.

herb garden

The concept of “Pick you own” in the restaurant taken to the highest level


balcony gardens

Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to design on this balcony in New Orleans.


flower bed in New Orleans

Also New Orleans – green and white are always right…


Not gardening but like the reasoning for not being open… (in case you can’t read the fine print, under Gallery Hours it reads: *unless hungover or abducted by aliens.)


No fuss watering in Bangkok


Trees multi tasking – this doesn’t look comfortable at all


Stay tuned for more installments of Good Gardening Travels with new images from gardens (and such) around the world.  In the meantime . . .

Garden on Good People…






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