Glamour in the Garden

I know we have heard a lot over recent years about bringing the garden indoors and conversely, bringing the living room outdoors. The various influencers who’ve been telling us about this couldn’t be more correct when it comes to a perfect fit with our modern lifestyle.

Outside living rooms

This interesting set up allows for shelter from the sun for shade-lovers, comfortable seating for those ready to dine, and even a bit of “floor space” for some late evening dancing!


Outdoor living spaces

This setting, featured at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, shows how, with a little ingenuity, a small space can still make a comfortable outdoor living space.


outdoor living spaces

A small simple strutter serves as a “porch” or patio for homeowners without either.


small outdoor living spaces

Even a small backyard can become urban oasis with the right combination of plants and decor.


We also have seen an explosion in the array of indoor plant options and funky containers for displaying them. There’s also been an avalanche of chic or upscale garden furniture and accessories encouraging us to develop the outdoor living room of your dreams. In fact, many furniture stores now have entire sections devoted entirely to outdoor living!

However during recent visits to some shopping centres and clothing and homeware retailers I was struck by the crossover of plants into other aspects of our lives.

Whilst many of us are familiar with the increasing number of vertical or “green” walls now being included in both residential and commercial structures, I was surprised to see the evolution and integration of plants being sold not only in homeware stores but also at clothing and fashion outlets here in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

places plants are sold

This little plant is for sale, right in the midst of a clothing store!


plants on display

Plants are also adding warmth to otherwise cold display counters (and don’t seem to be bothered but the shoes making their homes there).

I have always thought of gardening as a bit of a fashion-type industry but the presentation of plants alongside choices for shoes, clothes and homewares really made me start to think about how we go about selecting plants.

Functionality and performance are very clearly key considerations when it comes to choice but, much like choosing clothes, shoes or just about all other everyday items, there is a bit of fashion preference when it comes to colour or form that influence plant purchase decision making too.

We are even starting to see celebrity endorsements start to appear with our plants, with Gwyneth Paltrow getting into the act and promoting her choices of plants. I am not sure what qualifies plants for inclusion in this range apart from the fact that Gwyneth likes them and not sure it would influence my choice, but it makes you wonder what is next – notable sports celebrity choices with the Roger Federer range, Eric Clapton’s orchids etc.?

Anyway, for those of you who have filled the closet with shoes, handbags, suits or watches – for those with finer taste, here is the latest range of must-have garden hoses & fittings – perfect to convey your fashionista status.

upscale garden hoses

For those with finer taste, here’s the latest range of must-have garden accessories!


In case you wanted a closer look . . .

Until next time – Garden on Good people.


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